Monday, November 28, 2005


JOT - It's a good thing.

I am a software developer, but it is hard to classify myself as a particular type of developer. I used to be able to call myself a Java Developer but that classification is getting harder to use. First of all, I hate being pigeon holed, especially when it comes to being being classified as only a "server side Java Developer that only works with Brand x App server". I consider myself as a Jack of all trades (JOT) developer. Some may consider this a negative but I don't. My goal is to be able to learn new technologies and use them as quickly as possible. Why? Because odds are the what I am working on now will be obsolete soon. Evolution seems to favor the adaptable, not the necessarily the strong.

Here was my day today: I worked on the ongoing app that we are working on modifying an EJB and tomorrow I'll build the struts front end for my changes today. But I also had to debug and fix an issue in a Lotus Notes Application, patch a production Solaris system, check on the company's backups from over the weekend and help fix an issue with our DB schema.

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