Monday, December 12, 2005



Every once in a while I come across something and wonder why it took so long for me to come around to using it. I just found one of those. Over the weekend I was changing my home mail server from Linux to OpenSolaris. (Nothing wrong with Linux just a hardware usage. I am making use of my Sun Blade 100.) Well after an installation of Solaris there a few tools that I need that don't come with it, namely imap and pine. In the past I would just slap in the Software Companion and install the whole thing and be done with it. But this time I tried, it is a much better way to go. It works like Fink from OS X. It will download install the package you want along with its dependancies. So far I like it and I think it soon be my replacement for the Software Companion on Solaris.

Before I would use Slackware over Solaris for my home mail server because it was so much easier to setup the way I like. Now they are both the same with a slight edge to Solaris in ease of getting the server to how I like it. Very suprsing.

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