Sunday, December 18, 2005


VPC and OS/2 to the rescue!

I wanted to play an old game of mine "Task Force 1942". The problem is that is really old, 1992 and DOS based. I don't have an old machine with DOS around anymore. (OK I do have my old Omnibook 430 but it isn't good for games). So I turned to Virtual PC. Lucky for me one of the PM's on the VPC team at Microsoft also likes old games.

First I had read errors on the disks. The 3.5 inch disk has got to be the most unreliable type data storage that I can think of. Fixed that with an old version of PC Tools. I tried to install with a DOS image on VPC but the game wouldn't even start locked up the VPC. I remember that the game ran well under OS/2 back in the day so I gave it a try on my OS/2 image and it worked perfectly! Amazing.

Sometimes it takes some strange combinations to get the job done...

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