Thursday, January 12, 2006


OpenSolaris - VMWare - JDS: Screen Saver

If you are running OpenSolaris on VMWare make sure you shut off the screen saver in JDS before you do anything else. I have had a few instances where the screen saver locks the screen and will not unlock. I haven't figured out the pattern to duplicate the bug yet but running a screen saver in VMWare isn't really a good idea anyway.

Other than that, OpenSolaris runs like a champ on VMWare. I hope VMWare will someday soon fully support Solaris on VMWare and even better VMWare on Solaris!

I've also noticed this running the latest OpenSolaris download on a Compaq Evo. I don't think its to do with VMWare as such, but more to do with the graphics cards it emulates
yes, it's definitly a bug -- I'm running Xorg with a config file built from xorgconfig -- specified vmware as the graphics driver.

Also, this was on build 27 of Nevada.

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