Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Patching Zones with updatemanger

The updatemanger is a great tool for lazy people like me. When there is a new patch available an icon on my desktop blinks, I click on, and tell it to install it. The problem is that this handy little tool doesn't work with zones. But there is still an easy way! As root run this:

smpatch download

This puts a bunch of jars in /var/sadm/spool. Now unjar them all

foreach $jarfile (*.jar)
>jar xf $jarfile

You can delete the jars and the META-INF directory if you want. Now you can install the patches. It is probably a good idea into single user mode, some patches require this, so type:

init 1

Now you can install the patches:

foreach $pfile (1*)
>patchadd $pfile

The more zones you have the longer this will take so find something to do for awhile if you have plenty of patches.

I clean out the patches when they done but I save them just in case:

zip -rum9 /archive/ 1*

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