Friday, January 20, 2006


Solaris a Great OS for Java Developers

When i started learning Java in 1997 the typical scenario was to develop Java on PC running Windows, or if I was lucky Linux, and deploy to a server running Solaris. This was common since Solaris on the desktop wasn't really very common.

Today Solaris makes a fine desktop especially for Java Developers. Here are a few reasons why. First both 1.4 and 1.5 come bundled with the OS. Along with that so does ANT, the second most important tool after the JDK for working with Java. Almost any tool a developer need can be easily added. Just about all the major IDE/Editors will work on Solaris. Java just runs great on Solaris, but go figure it would. And don't forget DTrace, one of the greatest tools to come out in awhile, it works quite nicely with Java.

Interestingly enough Solaris comes the the Java Desktop System which is Sun's version of Gnome. It is pretty much the same thing as JavaScript, not much to do with Java but someone wanted to capitalize off of the Java name.

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