Thursday, January 05, 2006


Some Solaris Zones Practices

This week I get to play system administrator. I am moving around and consolidating servers. All of the servers are J2EE web/applications servers on Sparc Solaris. Using Solaris zones really makes life easy. Here some of the practices I found helpful.

-Put as much memory as you can afford/fit into the server. So far I have not seen issues with CPU or I/O resources but there never seems like enough memory.

-Don't run any servers in the global zone, there is no need to.

-Share files between zones via NFS. I set the global zone up as the NFS server and the other zones mount it. If speed is an issue consider your centralized storage (i.e. SAN)

-Let the global zone deal with routing settings

-Keep the zone simple. I found that the simpler I keep the changes to the zone the easier it is to copy the zone somewhere else.

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