Monday, February 27, 2006


I like Swing

It has been about 5 years since I wrote a Java GUI app and I forgot how much like to write Swing apps. Netbeans 5.0 is the first Java GUI builder that I actually like too. (My hats off to the NetBeans team there). But I do realize why it is so unpopular with some people. You have to do a lot of the low level stuff yourself, namely I am talking about implementing threading for thing to behave properly. But since I had AWT horrors in my past of making a BWT progress bar update correctly Swing seemed real easy. But someone new to this whole thing, especially a server side person who is spoiled by not having to do threading, would have found it difficult. Using SwingWorker tool really helps too.

Along with this app I also used Java Web Start. What an amazing technology!

I've been warned about tedious work u may encounter with swing. anyway is it possible= swing functionality can be transformed to make a great featured desktop apps?
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