Monday, February 20, 2006


Solaris Express - Build 33

I had a long openSolaris todo list that i wanted to accomplish over the weekend and the first was to upgrade to build 33 on my Sun Blade 100. I did an upgade install and I had plenty of problems which took up much of the weekend. The first problem was with the cdrom on the SB100. For some reason it didn't like the second CDRW I burned. I put in a drive from the spare pile and tried again. This time it made it through but on the reboot I saw a few errors from smf but I ignored them. But when I couldn't log in then I knew I had big problems. After some digging I found that some really important files were missing. So I reran the install and did a custom upgrade and found the problem, several important packages were not selected. My particular problem was with the /usr package of volume services which had a cascading effect. After the third install all was well.

JDS on build 33 does look different and a little better with new fonts and colors. I also tried out the infamous new Real Player. It didn't really perform well on the SB100. Just one more reason why I need a new machine. But I could view all the content that the old one couldn't handle, which is good.

After burning I always do:

readcd dev=0,1,0 f=/dev/null

and if the media is read without any errors, I know I have a good burn.

The above example assumes that:

a) `cdrtools` are installed on the system

b) one replaces 0,1,0 with the appropriate controller, target and lun (obtained from `cdrecord -scanbus`).
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