Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Studio Creater 2 - A worth while IDE?

Normally I work in Emacs. Mostly because I am a "pragmatic developer" who doesn't want to code by coincidence. Today I need to do some protyping so I decided to give Sun Studio Creator a try. I saw some neat things with it at JavaOne and I here about almost every week on the Java Posse podcast.

First of all, it is marketed to novice developers, which made me feel a little dumb because it took me some time to figure things out, like to use "Run" instead of "Build" to see my changes. But I was very impressed with how fast I built a simple and nice looking portlet. It was really cool how all I had to do was drag a table on to a drop down and it just worked. I'll keep working with to see if it is a tool worh keeping. So far it seems like it might be a good prototyper, lets see if I can do something real with it.

The minor suprise was how much of a pig this thing is. My Sun Blade 1000 dual processor with 2 gigs of ram can barely handle it.

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