Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Faster builds with Netbeans!

I have a probably unhealthy obsession with getting faster build times. What can I say, I am impatient. With the current project I am working on we have an Ant target that is the "mother of all builds" which cleans, builds, and deploys the entire project. On my Sun Blade 1000 it take just under a minute so I try not use it too much for normal development. Since I have switched to Netbeans I mapped my F6 key to run this target. Netbeans gave me a pleasant suprise. The first time I do a build it takes the same amount of time as when I would run Ant from the command line, just under a minute. But the next time I do the build through Netbeans the build takes just around 30 seconds! Yippee!

Plus, I saved myself an entire keystrock because before I used to have alt-tab then up arrow, now it is just a simple F6.

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