Monday, May 15, 2006


I [insert heart icon here] Blastwave

Not only is my Sun Blade 100 in the basement my test bed for OpenSolaris stuff but I also use it form playing music during my morning workouts. I rebuilt the machine over the weekend an at 6 am this morning I realized I forgot to reinstall mpg123. Luckily I still had a root console open still from last night's "gmake install" of the latest emacs build. So all I had to do was type "pkg-get -i mpg123" and in no time I had my mp3 player installed! It took me longer to open my workout log in Star Office than it did to download and install mpg123.

Some people don't like some things about Blastwave but for me all of those complaints don't even come close to out weighing those kind of benefits.

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