Monday, May 22, 2006


Java DTrace API

A neat feature that was introduced Solaris Nevada build 35. That is a Java API that you can use for running DTrace scripts. As good as D is it isn't the best tool for displaying all that data for humans. With the DTrace API you can use the power Java to produce presentable results. The Chime project is the first example of what can be done. As API's go, the Java DTrace API is very straight forward and easy to use. Looking through the Chime code it didn't take long to figure out how things work.

If you have Solaris build 35 or newer the jar is in /usr/share/lib/java/dtrace.jar and the Javadoc is in /usr/share/lib/java/javadoc/dtrace/api/index.html. If you know Java and Dtrace then check it out, you might find it useful like I did.

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