Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Solaris on VMware Infrastructure 3

Finally, Solaris is offically supported. I just got a machine up Infrastructure so naturally one of the first things I try is to install Solaris on it! The install went with little problems except networking did not work during the install. No big deal because now I can install VMware tools! So installed the tools and rebooted Solaris and all of a sudden I loose connection to the VMware server. So I walk up to the server room only to find a nasty purple screen of death on the VMware server, bummer. But after hitting the reset button on the IBM server (can you believe it, a server that comes with a reset button) all seems well. To be fair to VMware, the hardware isn't supported and I am only using it for testing.

I can't wait to have vmware-server on solaris HOST, even a beta will do :'
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