Wednesday, August 02, 2006


4th one's a charm...

Then Sun Blade 100 is just too old and needs replaced. I really wanted to play with ZFS and this bug is a killer:

So the family HP a642n is going to be my replacement. The problem is that the nic doesn't work so I went into my stash of spare parts and tried some my old nics. Old the nics I kept were ones that I knew were compatible with Slackware.(I hate dealing with installing drivers, no matter what the OS!) I had three I tried and all didn't work but one had some open source drivers available. Promising, but I was hoping for a nic that would work out of the box to make all the cycles of upgrading SCXR's easier. In desperation I went through the junk pile at work and found an old 3com from circa 1999. It wasn't on the Solaris HAL but I tried anyway and thankfully Solaris found it.

Note to anyone in charge of what goes into Solaris: ADD MORE DRIVERS!

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