Sunday, August 06, 2006


Swiched to AMD from Sparc and a gzip Scare

I finally made the plunge this weekend and switched over to AMD from my Sun Blade 100. So far the performance is much better, obviously.

But the switch did not go with out some porblems. Being paranoid I made two backups of the home directory. The first backup I had on a partition on the new machine. I planned on resintalling Windows (I'll keep that around for games). However, I went a little nuts with fdisk and lost that backup. I thought no big deal I still have another backup on the laptop. So when I got to gunzip the backup I get a crc error about halway through. First came denial, then panic, and finally despair. I had quite bit of stuff that I really didn't want to loose. I was able to get some, but not enough back, using zcat piped to tar. I tried on the new OpenSolaris x64 and even on Cygwin from the laptop and still the same problem. I copied the backup to my Sun Blade 1000 at work and thought I could use some of my development tools there to maybe get some of the remaining data. I found some instructions for restoring the rest of the data from a gzip file but they were pretty involved. But to my suprise, the file unzipped just fine there! I can't explain why the gzip file was no good on x64 but fine on Sparc. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

You could try some test gzips to see if it was a fluke, a 64bit problem or maybe memory?

tar is really not good for large important backups because of this problem, any errors in the file can trash the whole thing. Give apio (a better varsion of cpio) a try. The files are individually compressed so than an error only effects that file, not the whole archive.

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