Sunday, September 24, 2006


Apps I would like to see on Solaris

Solaris has really come a long way as a desktop OS in a very short time. I believe much of this has to do with efforts to make Linux into a first class desktop. But there are still a few things missing that I would like to see:

1. VMware Workstation If I got this I could scratch all the rest off the list. Right now there are only two ways to run another OS on top of Solaris: the SUNPci card which is Sparc only and obsolete for the most part. The other is BrandZ which can only do Linux and still a work in progress. This is a real shame because if you want to do virtualization you are stuck with Solaris being the guest and something else being the host. It really should be the other way around!

2. Quicktime I guess I don't really care if I have Quicktime, I just want to play Quicktime files. Sometimes that's the only way content is available. And while I am it iTunes would be nice.

3. Windows Media Player Strange when you think about it, but you could run Windows Media Player on Solaris up until 9. Same reasoning as with Quicktime, I just want to be able to see the content and I don't care how.

4. Lotus Notes/Sametime We use this at work so it would be a nice to have, especially Sametime. Why IBM released it only for Redhat only is beyond me. Actually it isn't but I'll be nice.

5. A Word Processor with a Grammar Checker Read enough of my blog posts and you'll understand why I need that.

And that's it. Not too bad really.

Mplayer (or VLC) should cover much of points 2 & 3.
qemu is also available for solaris
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