Thursday, September 07, 2006


Java: The new C++

I have been using Java since 1.0. Then one thing I really liked about Java back then was its simplicity. At the time I was a C programmer learning C++ so when I first wrote my first real Java application it felt like a breath of fresh air because it was so simple and was great for certain things that were pain in C/C++. Even as the platform grew at an exponential pace the language really didn’t change a great deal from Java 1.1 to Java 1.5. It appears that there are even bigger changes are coming in future releases, especially in Dolphin or Java 7. No one can say that Java is a simple language anymore.

This progression is natural and isn’t a bad thing. Java has grown to do just about everything and anything, like the type of thing that C++ is, minus the pointer arithmetic stuff of course.

No need to lament over it, we have even better options today for simple languages than Java was back in the day and we have a great platform to build all of those large and complex enterprisey apps.

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