Friday, November 17, 2006


Sun's Two Worlds

Ben Rockwood made an interesting point on Joyent's latest podcast that Sun has two worlds: Java and Solaris. This came up during the discussion about Java becoming about sourced. He wasn't really happy about Java using GPL and made the point about different things are at Sun between the Java world at Sun and the Solaris world.

As someone who lives in both worlds as part of my job and my personal interests I have to agree. My feeling is that Sun could do more to "sell" Solaris to the Java world and vice versa. Yes vice versa, just try to advocate using Java for something on the OpenSolaris general list and you'll have flames in no time!

Here is what I am thinking about doing. I would like to write some articles for Java developers about why and how they would find Solaris productive as a development environment. After all, many Java developers like using Linux so Solaris is a natural alternative.

Also, I would like to write a book like this someday but about Solaris. Anyone think that anyone would read it?

I think Solaris is a wonderful Java development environment. I recently switched from Linux to OpenSolaris and I now do all my Java development on Solaris. Btw, Chime (and dtrace) is one of the greatest tools I've seen on any OS.
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