Thursday, November 09, 2006


Web Services: Shouldn't this be Easy?

I have a URL from someone for a Web Service I want to send data to and I have Netbeans 5.5 that has tools for connected to Web Services. I have never done any coding with with Web Services but I have a full understanding of how it works. So I plug in the WSDL URL to Netbeans and then right click in my code and tell Netbeans to connect to the method that I want. That should easy right? Well it left me with a few lines of code with some TODO's for me to implement which I have no clue on what to do. All Netbeans did was create a whole mess of classes which it really doesn't what me to look at. Sigh, I have to use my brain and learn something.

So I want to know, it is 2006, where are my robot butlers, flying cars, and IDE's that think for me?

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