Friday, June 29, 2007


Upgrading the Vaio TR1

I have been using OpenSolaris for several months now on my tiny little Sony Vaio TR1. I have actually been using it for some hardcore C++ development and surprisingly it has been doing a fairly decent job. I ended up destroying my Solaris partition. It looks like the hard drive could be reaching the end of its life. I figured this was a good time as any to finally upgrade the machine. I was planning on getting a new machine this summer but plans change so I decided to upgrade the memory and hard drive to the max sizes available. That will end up costing me a little over $200. An easier amount to deal with rather than a new machine. BTW, Google price search saved me some money that's for sure! The parts on on their way via UPS and I'll blog more about the upgrade later.

Now I have to decide once things are upgraded if I will be running Solaris dual booted like I did before or under VMware Workstation. I am leaning towards VMware, since I'll be playing with things that can ruin my system if done wrong and it makes it much easier to recover from stupid mistakes!

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