Thursday, July 19, 2007


The latest OpenSolaris Problems on VMware

There are two issues with recent builds of OpenSolaris on VMware. The worst is that OpenSolaris is no longer working on VMware ESX 3. You can't even get into the install on OpenSolaris from the boot CD. I have a post at OpenSolaris help on this issue but no responses yet.

The second issue with the latest builds is with the VMware tools install in VMware workstation. Xorg has been updated and the install script doesn't like it. There might be a work around which I am looking into. You can run it with out the tools installed just fine but the mouse gets weird on you sometimes and the clock may go haywire too.

So if you want to run OpenSolaris in VMware I suggest you stick with the developer edition for right now.

That is surprising, as I am running Solaris 10 (October 2006) on VMWare Workstation 6 (ACE Edition) without a hitch. This is with Windows Vista Ultimate as a host. VMWare Tools also installed flawlessly and I have a guest resolution of 1024x768 (host resolution is 1280x960); I'm actually typing this from the Solaris guest right now. While the issues may be with ESX Server, they may not extend to either Workstation (ACE or otherwise) or Server (as opposed to ESX Server) as even VMWare's own documentation states that there is a separation in explicit guest support between Workstation/Server and ESX Server. I am using the default settings for a Solaris 10 guest (512 MB of RAM, 8 GB disk space), and using NAT for networking (as is typical of all my VMWare guests).
You are Christopher, Solaris works great on VMware 6. Even earlier builds of OpenSolaris work fine. Just the latest OpenSolaris builds are when things start to be problems.
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