Saturday, September 15, 2007


Virtual PC and OpenSolaris

This week there was a big press release from Sun about cooperation with Microsoft. The thing that caught my attention was about collaborating on virtualization. The plans are to have Solaris working on Windows and vice versa. That is great news as far as I am concerned. This got me wondering about Virtual PC and the latest OpenSolaris builds. I downloaded Virtual PC which is free and tried Build 72. To my surprise it booted and went through the install. First problem was X didn't work, just a black screen. It found a network card but that didn't seem to work either. There might be some tweaking necessary to get those things to work so I'll need to do more research. But the install did finish and OpenSolaris booted up to a black screen.

I also wondered what do they mean by Windows working on Solaris? Could this be simply be the return of the SunPCI card? A Windows branded "zone" like thingy?

more like Windows-in-Xen (ermm. xVM) - see

sunPCi is too much effort, and a winnt-brandz would be basically a reimplementation of windows as there isn't much overlap between the designs of windows and solaris (unlike linux, which is still sorta unix-like)
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